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In 2006, the graduating class presented Mr. Castillo, the retiring principal, with a new sign at his request. (even to the objections of the student body.)
The class of '77 gift was taken down and stored in the maintenance building where it remained stuffed behind a bunch of ladders and junk.
Since this sign was a gift from the class of 1977, it will be restored and re-attached to the rock in front of the school where it belongs.
The sign that was the gift from the class of 2006, will be relocated to the football field, location TBD.

Instead of repainting the sign, It will be double powder coated. The first coat is the color and then a second “Clear” anti-graffiti coat.
If the sign is “tagged”, it will wipe off with a paper towel.

I have completed part of the stripping process but need to finish the rest of the letters.
The donations received will be used to purchase the materials needed to complete the restoration.

The rock will also need to be sand blasted before the Epoxy paint can be applied.

Any funds remaining after the project is completed will be donated to Wooster HS Booster Club.

** Just an amusing side note **
During the paint removal process, I uncovered several layers of "Reno High" Blue paint - I remember the RHS rock getting a few coats of "Wooster White" during football season as well ....



Thank You Wooster Alumni For Your Generous Donations

$354.63 of the $500.00 goal received so far!

Current Class of 1977 sign Restoration status as of July 19th 2014

Current Class of 2006 sign to be relocated




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